Your Hottest Handbags at La Mode

Isla Black

Most women agree that shoes are a lady’s best friend, however, shoes without a cool handbag might not be enough. A fully accessorized fashionista needs a matchy matchy handbag for fashion’s sake and utility as well.

Handbags come in all shapes, styles, colors and sizes and sometimes it’s hard to decide and especially match them with an outfit or pair of shoes. But one thing is for sure: when you’re rocking a hot handbag everyone will notice you from the crowd no doubt about it!

At La Mode we have a great variety of handbags, totes, clutches and wallets that you can match to various looks and wear in different moments of the day.

Handbags and totes are idea for daytime, for going shopping or around town and basically for daily use.

That’s why they come in larger sizes, helping us fit everything we need, and sometimes don’t need in them.

A clutch or an elegant wallet is a great accessory for evenings because they give you that chic fashion look that compliments the beauty and style of every woman.

There are a few really hot handbags in our store at the moment that deserve to accessorize women who love style and looking good.

Here is our top 5 Hottest Handbags at La Mode, our favorite picks of this season. Let’s get it started!

# 5 Evie Clutch

The reversible conventional Evie clutch is an amazing summer season accessory for all you chic ladies for day use and evening as well. The coral/peach two tones combination makes the Evie clutch an versatile handbag that you can wear with different looks and shoes as well.

# 4 Brook Black

With a rock star flavor to it, the cutout crystal clutch wallet wristlet is deem of a woman who loves to rock her every outfit. If you want to shine this summer, the Brook clutch in our store is your best choice!

# 3 Isabel Gold

The lovely oversized sequin clutch is a perfect choice to enhance a more distinguished appearance and take any look out of the ordinary. The Isabel clutch is definitely an evening accessory that would look so good on practically any woman!

# 2 Canary

The Canary navy blue clutch has a 60s, 70s flavor reminding us of the elegance and glam of Jaqueline Kennedy and other distinguished first ladies. Cut from a soft luxe leather, the Canary clutch comes with lots of compartments and a lovely signature brush gold/mint bird for extra chicness.

# 1 Isla Black

Our #1 handbag pick is the stylish crystal studded chevron printed black Isla purse. Why do we love this purse so much? Because it speaks fashion and style and is a great statement purse to wear in the evening.