Secrets of well dressed women revealed

Secrets of well dressed women revealed

Secrets of well dressed women revealed

With the economy getting worse each day, even those having great craze and taste for shopping are compelled to quit. You might state it as; the shopaholics are forced to have a Fashion diet. But it doesn’t have to get any worse and feel like starvation: Take a leaf out of the dressy women’s book and learn to shop smart. We’ve come up with five tips from stylish women on how to dress stunningly and save money while doing so.

Plan prior to you go shopping

Extravagant women are apt to shop impulsively. Go with your budget, shop with a plan and buy selectively. Try to only head to a clothing store when you need a particular item. You should keep in mind what you need, what would you like and where to find it. Shopping is rarely the sole purpose of an outing.

Plan for each season by assessing what you already have in your wardrobe if you buy an extravagant article such as a designer jacket try to make maximum out of it by sometimes wearing it with slacks, sometimes over a dress and to both daytime and evening events.

Shop Selectively

Usually women are in habit of splurging for items they don’t mostly need. If you avoid splurges by shopping for just needed vital wardrobe items each year you can maintain yourself to be out n out trendy and stylish.

Evaluate Every Purchase

Develop a trait in yourself to assess how often the clothing you purchase will be able to be worn. Think carefully about your buys. Sensible women do not just pick something because it is in fashion give a little more thought to it e.g. how many times can you wear it? Is it flexible enough to go from day, to work, to cocktails? Pay more attention to the quality than quantity to create a long lasting versatile wardrobe.


Skip the Trends

Instead of going blind folded after the trends, you should steadfast to the styles and colors that look best on you, after all each trend is not bound to suit everyone. Keep in mind that gorgeous women fashion their own signature styles and stick to them. You should embrace your individuality. It is more about what feels right and looks good on you with the minimum effort spent.