Hot Accessories at La Mode

Hot Accessories at La Mode



Fall season is here and what we all need to do is to make sure our wardrobe is ready for the chill weather outside as far as clothes and accessories go.

Speaking of which, if you’re in need of some hot accessories to match your autumn jacket, blazer coat or tee shirt top, let me present to you the hottest accessories of the season in store at

Let’s begin!

Smoking Hot Earrings

If you’re searching for trendy earrings this fall fashion season, there are three words for you: rock metal, oversized and natural stones. Yes! The hottest earrings this season, which we also have in store, are all about that rock chic style, large hoops and natural stones for a more earthy look, let’s say. The metallic spikes earrings are back and if you’re in for metal spikes on large hoops, you’re double trouble! Quartz studs, turquoise earrings, amethyst and other gemstones are all back in trend! Get the natural stone earrings and be that cool boho chic this autumn!

Trendy Fall Bracelets

Speaking of hot accessories, the trendiest bracelets this fall are oversized cuffs and even better, in combination with faux leather. Again, metallic gold is the trend in bracelets, whether we’re talking about large cuffs or swirl armlets. Natural beads and stones are also in trend when it comes to bracelets/

Other Hot Accessories this Season

We also have some absolutely gorgeous rings that are hot this season, namely the squared metallic gold ring and the beautiful moon ring, but besides jewelry, there are a lot of hot clutches, wallets, handbags and totes that will complete your autumn wardrobe. Colorful and beautifully crafted, the wallets and clutches at will definitely add a breath of fresh air to the monotonous colors of the autumn fashion season and cheer up your outfits.

Some of the hottest wallets this season are the Hoopoe, the RoadRunner and the Canary that you can see in our shop, and of course the lovely Whippoorwill napa leather clutch that is a must have. However, if you want to see our pick of the hottest handbags in our store, check out this link ( and make your pick.

Have a perfectly accessorized autumn, ladies! ☺

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